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smile upon me

8 Feb

Ah, feels good to lie down on my MONDO-BED and relax for a little while. My French homework’s done, I am looking forward to tomorrow (Think Tank! No Advanced Math! Journalism!) and everything is pretty lovely at the moment.

About the previous post, Seaweed Song: that is going to be kept private, as I am not nearly ready enough to let that info out. Plus, it is very explicit, and I may actually delete it in a few days, depending on what I feel like. No worries, you’re not missing anything- just some desperate drabbles.

Speaking of drabbles, I’ve been writing bilingual poems that sound absolutely marvellous (okay, not quite that, but mighty close). Here’s one:

“another raisin in the driest sun;
sec! un autre-mais notre
et votre voleurs sur les grands nuits
en l’habite des loups.
oh, we frolicked while you slept
and draped curtains of flowers,
bright and velvety, around your face
obscuring the light.
somewhere in there, we played
pan-pipes and nearly exploded
upon your kitchen floor
Wih the joy-
nous sommes les voleurs, nous attrapons
ton mots et ton chance
mais nous ne faisons pas du bruit
nous ne faisons jamais du bruit, petit cherie.”

No idea if it’s gramatically correct or not (especially the notre and votre bit), but I think I did okay. Poetry sounds so much more soothing in French, same as swearing- someone famous once said “it’s like wiping your ass with silk,” and I think he’s right.
So relieving! That is what a curseword should make you feel- kind of relieved through your obscenity.

I’m going to write more like this. Much more- I like this sort of free exchange between languages.
I’ve been doing midnight drabbles for the last four or five nights, I will probably type them all up in one huge post and be done with it.

Also: I left my book at Ryan’s house. Dang.