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29 Dec

This is great. This is the greatest thing ever. Formerly, I had to get up every hour or so to press play again. NOT ANYMORE! AHAHAHAHA! Now I can listen to Hissing Fauna for hours straight without moving at all! WHAT COULD BE BETTER.

Not much, actually. I ripped my new CDs today, found I wasn’t in much of an Arcade Fire mood today, instead I listened to White Denim for like four hours and now I’m gonna change it to Sigur Rós or something calm like that. Tomorrow morning I am definitely listening to Stadsvandringar. I have neglected it.

Oh and today, I was lying in bed and my sister suddenly walked in and shoved like nine quarters down my shirt, then walked out without an explanation. I was going to draw a comic about it, then realized I cannot draw my sister’s hair. Graaahh.

Also, completely differently, recently a LOT of people have been asking me for music advice. This is new. Usually I’m the one bugging Jacob and Wil about CDs, kind of like this:
“Hey hey you know that new (band name) album that came out what do you think of it and if it’s good could you burn it for me plleeeeeease?!”
Well, that’s usually the reaction I get from Jacob, followed by a “okay I guess” or a slow nod.
Usually Wil gives me a “meh, I don’t really like them all that much but I’ll burn it for you… I guess.”
Which makes me feel real guilty, but whatever. I have offered to burn him things in return, but he declines gently.
But! Those two aside, maybe six other people I know dig the same music I dig. There is Will (two Ls and the reason for the L-distinction, long story will be told later), who I inadvertently introduced to White Denim and who is into like fifty different genres (he makes his own beats and plays like eight instruments) but has really good taste. Then there’s Adara, who shares my clumsiness factor and whose father was in a band called (srsly) Scrotum Nosedive. Speaks for itself. She has Surfer Rosa in her room. There’s also Jenna, Jacob’s little sister who is not nearly as angry or apathetic, though she shares the same ridiculous sarcasm-skillage and music tastes. Though usually what I reccomend for her Jacob already has. Curses!

There are many more people, just I’m getting a little tired so I’m gonna sleep. Will write more tomorrow.