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oh, wouldn’t it be nice

23 Dec


hey I drew something yesterday and forgot about it here it is

I have been messing around with textures lately, wiggling the levels around and changing them into odd-looking splotchy things. That I adore.


I hate how I get really good gift ideas a few days before christmas and then have no way to procure said gift ideas- one of the most frustrating things about living on an island. There are no malls. There are no outlet stores. There are no places to buy CDs on island. CDS! OH it is frustrating, but I think the lack of cold and abundance of beaches kind of make up for it.

My keyboard is wigging out, I do not know why.

So! Actually, I do know why- my tablet messes with our other wireless devices (mouse, keyboard) and makes them wiggle about and do strange things.

I kind of sat down here to write something constructive, but I really am kind of at a loss. Haven’t talked to ANYONE for the last few days, the solitude is beginning to get to me, I need to get a life. Maybe after christmas Lil will be able to do stuff, and I haven’t even called Ryan yet, so we shall see. Jamesey and Jenna and Katie are filming something at Jenna’s house today, she has the most amazing house and I am going to draw a picture of it. I have never been there, but this is how it has been described to me:

I-I tried! Valiantly!~

I guess I will have to go there in the future. I will, eventually, draw an accurate diagram for your viewing pleasure. But for now, just accept that it’s apparently an awesome house.

Oh and yesterday, I made some cape clips.
Took two butterfly clippies, tied them together with some string we had lying around, then clipped them to a towel around my neck. I felt so cool. I had my Japanese Wolverine T-shirt on, this awesome cape, and my dog began to bark at me and gnaw off my arm.

Man, I lead an epic life.