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i was once an owl

11 Jan

I wouldn’t mind having been an owl, or maybe a narwhal or something larege and aquatic (and yes, I know owls aren’t large nor aquatic, I am not that dumb).
So Vampire Weekend’s new album came out today. Jacob is thrilled. I am not.

Meh, don’t want to write about music right now, it uses too much brain. And shit, I have yoga tomorrow. Shiiiiiit.
Basically all I want to do right now is write about nonsense and listen to Skeletal Lamping, which is what I am doing so I am happy. I am pleased as Punch.
Also going to mess with the Recommended Listening page, swap some albums around (coff coff Skeletal Lamping, your days are numbered) and add some new things. I am also planning to make a new page for my drawings- of course, this is provided I can either wrangle myself a scanner or take good enough pictures.
And I want a typewriter with which to typewrite things.