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please refrain from flash photography

10 Feb

Curled up in my MONDO-BED, feelin’ cosy and warm. I wonder if this is what a snail feels when it curls up inside its shell- I hope it is, that would be lovely and would further strengthen my notion of reincarnation.
Speaking of which, might as well outline my theogical beliefs.
Firstly, I don’t care what religion you are as long as you’re not trying to push it on me, or you’re not actively hurting people physically. I do not like extremists of any issue, so I attempt to stay away from them.
Also, I believe in reincarnation. This stems from an intense admiration of Eastern religions that spawned back in 6th gradeand continues today. The whole idea of having your grandma come back as a new baby just makes me feel a little more secure in my mortality. I don’t know- it’s just reassuring that there’s something after death- which brings me to:
I believe there is no hell. You keep going through successive lives until you get it right- that may not be our contempary version of success- and then you go to a Nirvana, or heaven, or whatever you’d like to call it.
Finally, I believe there is a higher power. Maybe not a “god” as we understand it, but just a greater celestial power. I don’t see it having an actual gender/sex, but people have interpreted it differently through the ages, from early Mesopotamian mother goddesses to the paternal Christian and Muslim God. I think it’s all the same forces that religions personify.

I go to church pretty often, I sing the hymns, I pray along with everyone else (but I’m not starting my prayers with ‘Dear God’- it’s more of a ‘Hey there’), and I respect those beliefs.

The only thing about atheists or agnostics that bothers me (not all athiests/agnostics, mind you- I’m not calling you out as bad folks. It’s a valid choice of beliefs, with its own bits of evidence) is the contempt they have for those practicing organised religion.
I have met a few people like this. It bugs me, especially if they mention the Crusades and all that jazz. Sure, people were pretty rotten back in the day (and some still are now), but you don’t need to call out every person belonging to the offending religion to make a point.

Well, gettin’ tired. I might write more on theology in the future, but it’s such a massive issue I kinda feel uncomfortable writing about it.

Also, Taoism is pretty cool.