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don’t hold yourself like that

8 Mar

How am I feeling? Pretty goddamned crappy, that’s how. I want to explode into a pile of goo.
I told my mom about my Chem test, how I’d done very well on it but it only raised my grade a point. I mentioned that my grade is currently a 78. This is very good for Chem, but mummy dearest flipped a shit and insisted that I do better, as I am apparently the “smartest kid in the class.”
So now I’ve got my mother hounding my apathetic ass, as well as having to take about three abso-fuckin-lutely wonderful tests this week. Awesome. Junior year pretty much sucks. Hopefully I can get my grade up to an 80 by the end of this week in Chem. Two friggin’ points- 2 friggin’ points! I should be able to do this, g’dammit!

On the lighter side (I am still resounding with FFFFFFFFFFs, though), we had another one of those “if you have sex you will get pregnant, get syphilus and DIEEE” assemblies today. The first bit was the usual statistics-spouting shit, but then he next speaker came up and introduced us to the wonderful world of dental dams and finger condoms. Um, thanks, lady, for making 300 students feel a little uncomfortable for half an hour. Fun stuff!

Also, I took the posts offa Facebook because my dad and mom can see them, much to my chagrin. So I guess they’ll be back up after I find a way to keep the Moral Guardians from seeing all my filthy language. Bitch! Haha.