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we looked like giants

29 Jan

I used to love that song, back when I was in my über-Deathcab phase and would listen to nothing but that and Radiohead. Oh, middle school, you plague me to this day.
Got back from a house party a few blocks down, and frankly I am a little disappointed in the people around me. All the kids there were only there trying to get drunk or get laid, and I definitely wasn’t gonna do either (first one: parents would laugh as I puke my guts out the next morning, then punish me senseless, second one: not now, thanks.) I ended up beasting out on Smash Bros Melee (only because I was the only sober one in the place.), which was nice. Someone brought a joint and was smoking it outside…
I left at ten.
I am not a party person to begin with, and that shindig wrenched me quite forcibly out of my preferred spectrum. Well, at least I got some music-talk into there- there was a girl (Skye?) that knew who Cold War Kids and Arcade Fire were, which lessened my growing apprehension. A bit.
Well- I feel bad for lettin’ you down, Ryan, but I already said yes and wasn’t about to go back on my word- hope you understand.
Also, I discovered:
Jagermeister is VILE. Do not drink it under any circumstance other than trying to kill your tastebuds with cold alcoholic cough syrup. Bleh. I would much rather prefer a nice red wine. (If I had to choose an alcoholic drink, it’d be wine. I like wine. A lot.)

Gonna try and sleep, my eyelids are getting heavy. Night.