the youth

2 Oct

There is something to be said about the people here. That can be said later when I’m feeling more philosophical, thoigh, so let’s pretend I never said that and instead move on to what I did today/yesterday!

Yesterday there was a bonfire that I am kind of wishing I went to, because all the pictures on Facebook are fucking hilarious (except for one with a passed-out Michelle who looks really super anorexic for some reason, though she isn’t as far as I know) and I would have probably maybe drunk enough to figure out what constitutes a buzz.
But no, instead I babysat for the most entertaining kids ever and netted 60 dollars out of it. Scorrrrre!
Today: woke up at like 10, did my Calc, got a job at the Cane Bay Dive Shop, ate an eggs Benedict that is now punching things in my stomach for some sick and twisted reason, made Parker his toast earrings, made myself a unicorn brooch. Involving rainbows. It is ridiculously badass.
I keep writing hypothetical letters to the Poet. Good? Maybe.


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