tell her tonight

26 Sep

Warm and comfortable and without a complaint worth expressing. I am in bliss. I am full of sheer and utter content. I would like nothing more than to curl up and fall asleep, but as I am still making little plans for tomorrow I think it’d be a bit of a bad idea to try and close my eyes at the moment.

Je te manques.

Going to be writing absolute shittons of letters in the next little while, mainly because I recieved a bunch and haven’t gotten around to replying, and also because I promised some people I would and then forgot. Woe!

I listened to SO MUCH False Priest today: I have Janelle Monae and Kevin Barnes running glorious circles around my head; Solange Knowles is dancing in the middle singing that Sex Karma song which kind of makes me think it should’ve been on Skeletal Lamping simply for its subject matter.


There is no Georgie Fruit.


and goodnight.

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