pablo’s cruise

9 Sep

Oh lordy.
I am really fucking tired right now. I had weight training today, and unlike the weight training classes of previous years this year we are actually expected to ge our shit together and do things. I am going to be sore tomorrow. That is a truth. An eventuality. Not a possibility.
Today is also my mother’s birthday (yay mom!), which meant that we went out to dinner. I had steak, and realized that until that moment I hadn’t had red meat for over two months.
Whoa, what.
Maybe that’s why I lost a bunch o’ weight in Paris. ‘Cos I did. My ribs are sticking out a little, it is disarming.
Today I filmed Josh talking about how awesome Coach Redwine was all break, got twirled about by Kyle, was given horrible mental images of sassy gay friends saying “I woke up fabulous,” ate, did Wiley, and edited Josh talking about Coach Redwine.
And now my legs feel like they’re being pressed into the mattress I’m lying on.


Will write tomorrow.


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