falling through a field

7 Sep

Gosh darnit I said I was going to write again today and so here I am, writing again. Goddamn. I’m not so much tired as just annoyed with being concious. I wanna be dreaming, dammit.
On the happier front, though, there are 2 things: a) I preordered False Priest today, it is coming out on the 14th and will be super duper alleyooper awesome. I really cannot wait, as it also marks when the CD Swap #2 will take place. Oh yeah, and b) the neutrality I wrote about for like the last six weeks? Still there, sitting on the middle of my heart and looking up at me innocently asking “whaat?!” while healing all the scars and rips and stitches around it. It is awesome. I doubt I will really get to enjoy this pure and lovely apathy ever again, so I’m making what I can out of it. By which I mean: probably not looking for significant others this year.

Unhappy front: a) have not started my Physics lab. I really don’t understand what the hell we have to do; b) Calc tomorrow. Aughhhhh; c) Mr Jackson assigned us a paragraph, need to write that by friday. Meh; d) College meetings with Mrs. N. Fuuuuuuuu—-

Well, things’ll be interesting in the next few weeks.
Also: I think the one-year bloggiversary’s coming up. I will celebrate by sharing some stuff I put up on Tumblr. I put a lot of pictures on my Tumblr, ‘cos it’s a million times easier than with WordPress. Meh, this isn’t really a visual blog to begin with.

Anyway. Night.
Will write later, darlings.


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