take your time

5 Sep

I should really stop reading the Nightmare Fuel pages on TvTropes, especially because every so often an entry mentions that such-and-such’s fingernails get pulled out and auuuugh I feel this wave of nausea that makes me clench my toes and fingers to make sure all the parts are there and I haven’t been unnoticingly mutilated. I hate injuries involving hands or feet. I think it might be because of a very vivid dream I had at about 7 years old that was a party at some church. The church had a staircase leading up to the bell tower, and right beside it was a life-size depiction of the Crucifixion. Everyone else there seemed to be pretty nonchalant, but the only thing I could focus on was Jesus’ feet, and how the nail went right through them– even now I’m feeling phantom pain in my toes. Ugh.

Made a huge cake and ate part of it today! Also pwned at Wii bowling, because I am just that gangsta.

Gonna sleep.


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