under the milky way

3 Sep

Sorry for the lack of postage yesterday, I kind of fell asleep as soon as my head touched the pillow. My bad.
So: today: was pretty swell, though shit I’m actually going to have to do stuff in Weight Training, this is not good. Calc is going to murder me due to excessive amounts of homework. It just keeps piling up! Physics will not teach me much, I can tell you that now. Or it’ll at least confuse me a lot and then leave me screaming oaths at the heavens. Brit Lit is fucking awesome. French is fucking awesome. American History I wanted to avoid taking but is still pretty fucking awesome if only for the fact that it’s MR. JACKSON teaching it, whoooaa! Journalism is magnificent, I am Editor-In-Chief which will enable me to proofread everyone’s articles, woo-hoo. There’re a lot of people writing this year. I’m excited.

Also: I need to learn the bassline to Razz and 40′. The former is ridiculous. The latter is really simple. Fun!

Will write tonight when I’ve had time to digest the previous eight hours.


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