the tempest

30 Aug

dude, whoever’s in charge of those hurricane names needs to get with the times. I mean, “Earl”? “EARL”? That is just lame. That is not a hurricane name, that is the name of your slightly ghetto ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend who drives a Kawasaki and doesn’t know how to find the asymptote of a rational equation, not than he’d ever want to. Not exactly a name to strike fear into the hearts of millions.

I think I should submit names to whatever committee is responsible. This hurricane, for example, would be named “Eduardo,” because it makes me think of Pedro’s cousins from Napoleon Dynamite, who are tough and hilarious and also have a soft side, for the ladies. Maybe they just need more pseudo-Hispanic names, that would be infinite swellness.

SO! The hurricane! It is hurricaning overtop of us right now, it is actually not that bad despite being Category 3. So far I’ve noticed nothing flying uncontrollably around, which is a nice reassuring sight. It’s raining like hell, though. And wind-ing. The trees are bending backwards all over the place, branches have fallen, you know, stuff like that. I know I sound really nonchalant about it. It’s kind of par for the course by this point.

School has also been cancelled for tomorrow, since there was a power pole that fell right in front of the school that needs to be revived. Also there’ll be loads of sticks and leaves and other debris laying around which will need to be picked up ‘n crap. Woo?

And as for what I’ve been doing today: basically, I took a bath, I overdosed on Capslock_Bleach over at LiveJournal (no, I do not have a livejournal, having this blog and a tumblr is more than enough), I sort of cleaned out my closet, I sort of cleaned off my desk, I sort of drew some stuff but lost steam halfway through. And thusly, my day.

Will write more as I find out more about the storm/find stuff to write about.


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