(seaworthy vessels)

28 Aug

Title is a good name for a band, I think, maybe if you wrote a lot of nautical shanties or something. Hm. I think I may have stumbled upon a good idea here. I shall ponder that possibility.

Today! Listened to the Twilight soundtrack in the car like eighteen times because of my sister, who had taken hold of the copilot’s seat and kept replaying it. Now I have that one song that goes “nanana, I’ll flay you alive, na na na na nu nu na na” swirling around my head over and over and over again. Annoying as hell. I think I hate whoever did that soundtrack, because all the songs sound the same after a while: same drumbeat, same singer, slightly different guitar chords. By the time I got out of the car I needed an infusion of the weirdest band I knew, so I put CocoRosie and Dungen on and that helped a lot.
Also, got a haircut! Yay! My dad stopped yelling at me about my hair (he does this often in the middle of dinner, so I’ve got a mouthful of food I have to swallow before saying some contrite remark), which is a good way to start the school year. One less person yelling at me: GOOD!
AND THEN, and this was pretty exciting to me, I figured out what I’m going to do for my senior Yearbook page. It will be the most awesome thing. I will post my works in progress up here so you alls may see the majesty of my photoshop skillz.
I also drew a little map that I need to add on to of the area of Paris I know by heart. I will also post it up here as soon as I’m done adding on. It’s a pretty big map.

TOMORROW: going to Buck Island with Genna and Lil, hopefully will have a good time if not well screw it; going to finish my map; printing out my motherfucking resumé, fuck fuck fuck; figuring out what to wear tomorrow (not hard); maybe downloading more Tame Impala/CocoRosie/the other tracks off of False Priest that I haven’t heard yet; putting looseleaf in all my binders; being awesome (hopefully).
The days are just PACKED.

will write more later.
Also, thanks, readers. You might not know it, but I kind of depend on your existence. It’s nice to realize that someone out there, doesn’t matter who, is reading your words, understanding the images you’re putting forth. You’ve collectively gotten me through some hard times (though you might not’ve known it), given me a reason to write, to recount, to explode and let my anger out. Thanks. I hope one day I can help you all out as well.

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