i don’t mean to close the door, but

27 Aug

Oh, today:
Woke up from a wonderful intensely detailed dream that I proceeded to slowly forget. It involved an empty bathtub, a hardwood-paneled board room, sneakers, me flailing from being tickled, that sort of thing. And lo, was it AWESOME.
Anyway, once I was good and properly awake, suddenly had an intense craving for cookies. So I made some. This is all at about 9 in the morning, my sister is still waking up and I’m running around like some sort of Adderall demon with baked goods in my mouth trying to remember the details of my dream by saying them out loud and acting all the different parts out, while having Yeasayer blasting in the background.
And then I took a shower, ate breakfast, and suddenly felt absolutely terrible.
For the rest of the day, I lay langouriously in repose and tried not to focus too much on the ripping snarling pain working its way through my stomach. Luckily it wasn’t absolutely mind-splattering pain, so I was able to get up and do a few things (paint, do dishes, eat more cookies).

And now here I am.


Will write more later.


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