26 Aug

my mind is moving from

one point to the next- it

is never a clean and disinfected process

though i would like to think so, sometimes,

hands reaching and eyes wide

as i tumble downwards into the unknown,

sometimes my ally but more often the fear that strikes

as i lay myself down

and fight the swirling=rounds of my subconciousness


Not a bad day, really, but school is approaching like a goddamned wave and there is not much I can do against it but stubbornly continue to paint things on my desk and write okay poetry in my Yellow Book, which I need to scan or something soon and then put online so Mary Liza can cure her “looking into my subconcious” fix. My love-life is more pathetic than interesting, Mary Liza, I am sorry to say. There is a lot more speculating than actual doing. I should stop that, actually.

THIS YEAR: since there is maybe half a person in my class that I find attractive and he is not interested, like at all, and I didn’t even need to mourn that anyway, I am going to stay out of that whole “love” shindig. It will actually be easy. I think. I hope. I have my Poet, I have my memories, and well I have my friends to keep me happy. It’ll be a sort of test, I suppose.

And if something (unlikely) happens, well, I’m going to be nice about it, but turn it down. I’m not quite ready enough to start anew on a new adventure in that regard. I still need my time. I still need a little space to heal and learn to move again. And when I can, well, we’ll see what happens, now shan’t we?


Will write later.

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