brother sport

25 Aug

Well: I woke up this morning and my mom forced me to come with her into her office for the day and shred papers and play Flash games and dawdle. And get lunch. That was basically my day, though at some point I saw Beth and said hi. Yay!
I actually just finished pimpin’ out some of the free touristy postcards they have at strategic locations here. I take the blandest ones, stick my sticky paper overtop, and paint my own postcard. So far I’ve done a ukulele, a dinosaur, and the queen of clubs (who I think is the best one because it’s super distorted and weiiiird), and written the messages on the first two thus far. I don’t know who the queen’s gonna go to, but it’ll have to go before school starts else I’ll never get around to it. I have designs on that innocent postcard. You’ll see.

Also going to probably send one to Of Montreal and congratulate them on False Priest, whenever the hell that comes out. I am exciteddddd~~! Will it be better than Skeletal Lamping? Most signs point to yes!

And the neutrality? It’s back. I am very glad it’s back. I don’t want to be shaken up as school begins, that would be probable hell.

Haven’t got much for y’all today. Sorry, sugarpies. I try my best.
Will write more later.

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