24 Aug

Been trying to get relatively mentally prepared for school, since it is one of those things that jarrs me into wakefulness and reminds me that there are actually other people out there. I haven’t gone anywhere in the last few days, well besides Orenda’s party, which was fun and rather tasty. (Her mom can cook.)
Been listening to a lot more Radiohead and Dungen than usual, which is nice for a change. I wore Franz Ferdinand out over the last two weeks, I’m giving them a break. Currently listening to that Brazilian Girls song, “Pussy,” that is actually decent sortareggae/ska with magnificent (I may dare say glorious) lyrics. I’d actually recommend it.

Narrative of France trip will continue in the near future, though I don’t think anyone’s as excited about reading the completed thing as I am. Whatever, I’m writing it anyway because I said I was going to. That is reason enough.

Still wondering what’ll come of the Poet and me: how things will proceed. I have this strange memory of us talking over the heads of everyone trying to leave the auditorium. Actually pretty funny, to tell the truth, but moments like that are when I thank god for giving me long-ass femurs. Yay being tall! It is sometimes handy, I swear. Being short would be nice if you wanted to be compact, but I can be suprisingly compact for someone as large as me. There’s a lot of folding involved, take my word for it.

Hm, trying to think of anything else to drabble about–um, False Priest? Excited. I want to hear this record. If it is as bad as Skeletal Lamping I may cry to Kevin Barnes and ask him hackneyed questions like “how could you do this to yr fans?!” and he’d be all “daaaamn i like it, betch” and then do some Sunlandic walk away and swing his hips like a drag queen. I would be rendered speechless.

S’bout it for now.
Will write tomorrah.


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