like birds of a feather/we’ll stick together

22 Aug

humdrum days.
I guess that this is the end of the movie, for me, kind of– the summer’s ending, everything’s all rosy and good (except for the annoying little twinges of anger or guilt I feel sometimes) and I’ve ridden the proverbial roller-coaster and am now slowly rolling to a stop. I feel, well, neutral at the moment: nothing really bugging me enough to warrant my anger, nothing amazing enough to warrant me freaking out in happiness. Hum! A good feeling, I just shouldn’t get used to it as I’m pretty sure it won’t last long.

Anyway: still kind of fuzzy from talking to people last night, I miss a bunch of peeps a  lot and I wish I could rewind time and do that month over, probably differently. I mean, I’m dreaming about people from Paris: last night’s dream involved Graydon, Greek food, and epic quests through a grocery store. I am bummed that it actually didn’t happen. There were a lot of people from St. Croix in the dream: at one point Kemia (Kemia! I don’t even usually talk to her! All her Facebook statuses are about roti, which makes me happy!) yelled over to ShaQuan (SHAQUAN!) something about fried chicken. It was a weird dream. I woke up feeling kind of happy but mostly hells of confused.

In any case, things are going well, crazy dreams or not. I like having strange dreams, it gives me an excuse to not take hallucinogenic drugs (even though I probably will, one day) and is like eyelid TV.

“in a house of resentment nothing grows” –Of Montreal. I’m listening to either The Early 4 Track Recordings or The Bird Continues To Eat The Rabbit’s Flower: doesn’t matter to me, it sounds good and therefore I don’t care. Yay!

Will write more later.


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