stolen sorrow

17 Aug

i’ve been fucking around on Kevin Barnes’ Tumblr and found this gem:

“the big one for me is jesus. i can’t make sense of his deal. sent down by his father God, to save human society from destructive self obsession, unchecked desires, apathy, uncleaniness…sent down to teach us how to get our shit together and stop being such fuck ups. so he performed some rad magic with fish and loaves of bread, he walked on waterbeds, he had his feet annointed, he gave us the golden rule,he had a strange couple of lost weeks in the desert with satan, he wiped his face on a shroud, people gave him palm fronds, he smashed the shit out of some false idols…all of this and yet somehow no one really liked him, and so they tortured him, brutally, nailed him to a cross and watched him  die. then, somehow, years and years later, he’s celebrated as this impossibly rad guy. i can understand believing that he did exist and that, possibly, he did all of those wild things, but i still don’t see how viewing him dead on the cross, could give anyone a sense of relief or comfort. all i wanna do is get him down from there and clean him up and take him out to dinner or something.”

basically: that’s why I love him.

awesome day! will write later.

(also I am now seventeen FOR REALZZZZ)


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