idle days

14 Aug

It is hot as balls today.

102 degrees Farenheit. Great fuckin’ Googly Moogly, that is ridiculous even for St. Croix. I sat outside for something like five minutes and my forehead broke out in sweat. Ugh. That’s fucking illegal.

Anyway! Two days before my birthday, this is kind of exciting, I am turning


and therefore will be somewhat older! Yay! My family kind of forgot my birthday was coming up and didn’t order anything from online retailers, donc je vais recevoir les cadeaux imaginaires.
Ah shit, sorry. I keep doing that in my head, swapping from Anglophone to Francophone. It bugs me when I’m trying to actually think logically and one half of a painstakingly-created arguement is in French. Bad French, even.

Not much else to do but bask in the air-conditioned sanctity of my house and maybe eat something. Something cold. Because it’s hot. Did I mention that?

Will write later when my mind gives itself a good talking-to (and when it stops being hot as balls)


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