black mamba

13 Aug

God, I love the Kill Bill films. So awesome! Feet-tacular! Samurai-sword-liscious!
It’s just a win for me, what can I say?

Well: what did I do today?
I watched Yo Gabba Gabba! which is like crack except less addicting and louder and you don’t have to snort it up your nostrils, which I guess makes it not that much like crack to begin with. But if the dang show’s got MGMT or The Shins doing spots about how art is everywhere or how sometimes you win/lose, well, I’m going to watch it. I am such a hipster sometimes.
Speaking of which, what exactly constitutes hipster-tude? I have determined it revolves around a few essential characteristics:
1. Listening to music because it is obscure, not because it’s good
2. Participating in any activity because it’s “ironic”
3. Dressing like an 80s dumpster hobo (and for guys, wearing thick-rimmed glasses and growing a beard)
4. A strong dislike of any main media company
5. Smokes/smoked far too much weed
6. Dislikes their parents more than usual

That sort of thing. If more than one of the above characteristics apply, you’ve found yourself a “hipster.”

Oh wait, here’s one more:

7. Uses the words “meta” and “postmodern” in regular conversation (while acting like they really know what postmodern means)

I feel kind of bad now, because I don’t hate hipsters. For God’s sake, Taschen was quite a hipster (though the beard has yet to show its face) and I rather liked the guy. (Understatement.) I occasionally find myself acting like a stereotypical hipster, by which I mean “going on Tumblr and following all the music blogs that offer free downloads of bands I’ve never heard of and don’t really like, but if I’ve got a few of their songs on my iPod it’ll give me major indie cred.”
I’ve stopped doing that because my iPod’s running out of memory (really, it’s quite sad. I deleted a shitton of Death Cab For Cutie off of it yesterday. I kind of miss Ben Gibbard’s whiny-ass voice. Yeah, I’m a little pathetic.) and because I never listened to any of the songs, just changed it as soon as I got to them while thinking, “later.”
Well, later never happened.

I’ve done this to three bands thus far: Magic Man (fuzz electronica), Weed (fuzz…oh jeez, garagecore?), and Museum (which was recommended to me via some guy on They are German clones of Interpol. Much worse than it sounds.)

Hopefully they will be the only offenders on my list.

What I’m listening to now, though, has changed a little: more Grizzly Bear; exploring some older CocoRosie, just ‘cos; a lot more happy and ambient crap; Jonsí’s Go, which is beautiful; and one song that my sister’s friend had on her iPod called “I am NOT a WHORE.” by LMFAO. I actually think that song is the most hilarious thing I’ve ever heard. “they say that I look tasty/but I’m a person. Not a sandwich.”
I laughed so hard when I heard that.
They also do a song called I’m In Miami, Bitch! which packs the same kind of ridiculosity into a different song.

I may download them.
Yes, you have every permission to mock me for it. What can I say? I have a strange sense of humor.

Will write tomorrow.


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