oh brother of mine

7 Aug

Well: I am a little pissed off due to some peoples’ random and somewhat misguided actions, but I figure it’s alright since I won’t see these people again. So I’m leaving that anger behind and going on to some rather good news:
I wrote in my Yellow Book today.
Okay, that sounds like something pedestrian, but I haven’t really written since I got back from Paris. I feel like I’ve let a heavy load off my back: I wrote three pages and it was positively marvellous. The subject matter was a little- well, odd, considering what I’d been thinking of, and now the hope from thinking so positively about it has permeated my being and taken away the anger I harbored yesterday. For similar reasons as why I’m a little pissed today. (Though it’s fading.)
I’m looking forward to having my friends back on island, as right now it is a little barren and I am bored out of my skull. I do have a bunch of college things to do, but thankfully all the universities I want to apply to have their deadline in January or February. (Except for BU. But that’s okay.) However, I don’t get to just fill out the Common App: I have to do an app for EVERY university I want to apply to. Which at the moment is something like four. I will have to taper that down.

Ugh, I’m talking in college-speak. I need to stop.

Well: not much else to write about. My sister has played John Mayer songs for the last hour. I think my brain is frying.



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