taper jean girl

2 Aug

Well, for the record, this is post #400, which is a bigger number than I’d imagined. I write a lot!
Also, it is terrifying being home without the “dwarves,” I catch myself starting to cry when I see something that sort of reminds me of them. I’m unpacking. I keep seeing little pieces of memories and I keep feeling like I’m missing something I need to live.
Two people’ve written me back (Ofelia and Giselle, bless their hearts), and the rest of the louts are presumably catching up with their droogs or sleeping. I have nothing to catch up on, since nothing really happens on island. I phoned Lil this morning, she hasn’t phoned back so I’m guessing she’s dead or something.

EVEN THAT MAKES ME TEARY, the “she’s dead,” because every time Billy went to the washroom I’d tell him “Don’t drown,” and he’d say something to the effect of “I’ll try not to,” and shut the door.
So many stories! I am making a list of jokes we shared, that will be the next post.
I need to listen to some Death Cab or something sad to get all these tears out.

Will write.


One Response to “taper jean girl”

  1. Ofelia 08/13/2010 at 2:05 pm #

    ohhhh Blare you named me in one of your posts!! i feel soo honoured! i love reading your posts on the paris adventures!
    my dinosaurs wont stop asking where you are, they want you!!

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