9 Jul

I wrote the below before certain events happened. You can guess what these were.

Okay, I have made a mistake. This is what it is:
I fell in love.
Yeah, I’m sure you’re asking what’s so bad about it. The bad thing(s) is(are):
He is also very, very into me. Which translates as “well I kind of have an unofficial boyfriend but it’s not like we’ve kissed or anything, just held hands/basically had hand sex on the top bunk and listened to Andrew Bird while other people chatted about miscellany below us and (apparently) didn’t notice me blushing and a little short of breath when it struck midnight and I had to go back to my own dorm.
This all is very nice, yes, and he is funny and clever and very very strange, but what am I going to do when I leave? Break off all connection?
In any case, I can think about that later, as right now I am sitting in my dorm room waiting for my friends (who have ditched me, or possibly vice-versa) to come back home. I think they are eating dinner or something. Or possibly looking for me. Unfortunately I have none of their numbers, so I am going to sit tight until they arrive, which should be soon. Hopefully. Maybe. Eventually?

Meh. Will write.

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