Just two things you’ve got to remember

4 Jul


Anyway, the above is true, I am actually currently sitting on the bottom bunk of the most comfortable bunk bed ever. We got into Orly at around midnight, due to an one-hour flight delay- I slept till nine and now my mom is imploring me to rise and help her find her way around the city. I need to take a shower so bad, I cannot express it adequately. Sorry. That was a bit of a TMI.
What am I going to do today? Take my parents and sister around the 6* arrondisement and show them where I stayed with a bunch of people last year; show them Rue Mouffettard; get them week-long Paris Visite metro passes (which are ever-so-handy); buy myself a towel (in case I aim to hitchhikeon a flying saucer, preferably one that is green); get some of those giant begnees (don’t know how to spell that)…
Yup, today’s packed. And now I’m going to try and remember all of the past 5 years’ worth of French. Alors! Allons-y!

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