wind cries mary

30 Jun

Tomorrow is Canada Day! That is exciting, I think.
So what did I do today? Well I went to Switzerland via TRAAAAIIIN and ALLLLPS and realized that German is a goofy-sounding language, really. Lots of “kchhh”s and umlauted üs. I found it rather entertaining. I kind of want to learn German now so I can sound as goofy as I want while actually saying important things. Awesome! All the German I know right now is “Guten Tag,” “guten Morgen,” “Danke schon,” and “Ich spraken Deutch.” Oh, and “Nien,” also, which is very helpful in the event of facing monolingual Bond supervillains.
What fun I could have!

Anyway. The Alps were nice and also very cold, I almost fell asleep on the train but was revived with the help of a… CAPPUCHINO! OOOWEEEOOOOWEEEOOO!
(Siren was not necessary, but I am kind of punchdrunk due to a tad bit of sleep deprivation. Pity me.)
I will write more when I can write more coherently. Un-kssh un-kshhh un-ksssh!

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