excuse me mr.

28 Jun

I went to Switzerland! Apparently I look German, because all the salespeople at the stores were jabbering to me in it. I kind of stared blankly at them. Um. Maybe I should learn a little German, just enough so I can pronounce it badly and then they’d understand “no way is she a native German speaker.”
Also, whilst trying to ask for things in Broken Italian, I kept on goin’ into French accidentally. “Due gusti, s’il vous pla- I MEAN por favore! Por favore!” This earned me many, MANY blank stares. I suck at Italian, I should’ve asked if I could borrow Wil’s Rosetta Stone thingy and maybe been able to get myself understood. I wish more people spoke French here, I’d be able to be all suave and multilingual. Woo-wee!
Ate dinner at a terrace restaurant out in the Middle Of Nowhere (I love making things proper nouns. Haha!) and they kept playing Queen and Michael Buble over the speakers. And Hey Jude! Eating crostinis to Hey Jude is pretty great, trust me.
My mom just blew her sinuses out and is now repeating “Testing.” over and over. I think she can hear now, well crap.
Well then! I am probably going to sleep soon, it is almost 11 but I had an espresso so I’m kind of hyped up on caffiene, but not too bad. I can handle coffee better than my friends think I can (THIS IS TRUTH, LIL.), but I won’t be able to really sleep for a while. Gotta get the stuff out of my system.
Anyhoo, ‘night for now. I’ll try to write tomorrow morning, if I can wake up early enough.

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