doubt the daylight

27 Jun

Well, walked ridiculous amounts today. Tomorrow we’re going to a town on the Italy-Switzerland border, which is nice because I actually speak Swiss (or, really, French) and will not feel like a very sore and strange-looking thumb.
My legs hurt, though. They feel like warm and slightly tingly Jell-o. And we have to walk down to dinner tonight, and back up, and probably walk down for more food tomorrow morning. I want an espresso. Maybe I’ll be able to wake up before 1:00 tomorrow, which would be nice.

Anyhoo, nothin’ else to report. I keep on saying things in my head in French. Is this good? (y/n)
(Alors, il n’y’a pas des autres trucs de parle. Je toujours dis les mots en ma tete en francais. Est-ce que c’est bon?)

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