and to all the destruction in man

27 Jun

Well. Slept till about 1:00 today, it is currently a little before 2 (or after it, I’m not quite sure) and I feel ten times better than I did this time yesterday. Oh, what sleep can do.
Just finished eating some ridiculously delicious pastries, it is great to be back in Europe again though I wish I spoke Italian better than I do. (Badly.) I messed with my little phrasebook app, now I can figure out how to say “I would like” and “where is” and “what is that”. Dov’e is a lovely word to know, it has many uses and I plan to murder it by using all of them.
I still am thinking of France more than where I am now. I’m getting antsy, I want to be back where I can make myself understood without resorting to “Est-ce que vous parlez anglais?” Because in Paris that will earn you no end of looking-down-upon. Also, I want some limonade, dangit! ‘S good stuff!

Back to Italy, as if I keep making up awesome scenarios about Paris it’ll seem like a letdown. Lake Como is gorgeous. And not in the “ooh, lake!” gorgeousity- in a “wow, that is a slightly intimidating expanse of water” way. This thing is big. I kind of want to go swimming in it, but meh. Not today. It is too late and too strenuous for my poor betrodden bones.
That about wraps it up for now. Later!

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