stay another season

26 Jun

Hey everyone! Guess where I am now!
Well, you’re wrong, presumably, because I am sitting on a small bed in Belaggio with my hair wet and the lights off and feeling kind of hungry. I am also waiting for my mother.
I kind of like it here, only the little “DANGER!” mechanicism in my brain keeps going off because it is a “Strange Place I Have Never Been” (which is redundant, yes. Still.) and I don’t speak Italian nearly as well as I do French, which will probably lead us interesting places.
But in other news: There is a sports club! There is also a restaurant by the sports club, which we are going to go to in order to keep ourselves from starving. I have my mind’s eye set on either a plate of pasta con pomodoro or a nice ole-fashioned Marguerita pizza. Woo!
My decolletage is being eaten by mosquitoes. It is not a pleasant feeling.

But I actually feel a million times better than I did when I first walked into this lovely hacienda. I took a shower, I got dressed, I wiggled my toes and it felt MARVELLOUS!
Going to go eat now, will write when we get back.


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