26 Jun

I think Beirut names their songs based off of random French cities and bits from House Of Leaves.
But I digress, dear.
Where am I now?, you’re probably asking, and well let me tell you: midway through the final flight! The ticket snafu worked out to be utterly painless; my bag is (hopefully) with me, the rest of the family are trailing behind so I get to wait in the baggage claim until they get there. Woo! Frick’n! Hoo!
At least I’m on the right continent by this time. I could hitchhike to Paris if I really wanted to, though I’d probably have to either pay or do a fancy dance for those poor saps driving.
Or…I could take the TGV! (or as they say in French, “Tay Jay Vay.”) Super-fast maglev train ride? ULTIMATE YES, please.
I think I am digging British Airways more and more with every flight because they actually feed you, which is a pleasant change. (Hint, hint, American Airlines executives!) I would one day like to go First Class on a crazy long flight, just so I can say, “Hey, I reclined my seat once on an airplane, and it went totally flat. Beat that, bitchezzzz!”
‘Kay, maybe the bitch sting was unnecessary. I liked it.
Eating non-airline food!
(possibly) Seeing the Blogotheque dudes recording something awesome!
Meeting all these mysterious mystery people!
Wandering around Bellagio with a giant grin on my face!

That’s right. Swell.

Gonna write later, horrorshow droogies.

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