i swear i see in numbers

25 Jun

Six hours, roughly, have elapsed since the previous post- six hours mostly spent sleeping fitfully and squirming around fairly often. One and a half hours to go, I hope to whatever deity is up there that the British Airways desk in London is compotent enough to get me on a flight to Nice, else I may throw a temper tantrum.
Key word being “may.”
Well, we’ve passed through a few time zones, so instead of being 11:45, it’s about 4:45. Nice! I can’t sleep anymore, so I suppose it’s a good thing I’m not snoring right now. Might miss the “continental breakfast.”
Speaking of which, the lights just came on, so I’m supposing they’re going to be serving it about now. Yay food! No-yay airplane food!
Will write once either in Nice plane or safely on the ground. Aaauuugghh!


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