take me out

24 Jun


Welly welly well then, I’m jetting off to grand ole Europe tomorrow and thusly beginning one long-ass hiatus. Again, sorry peeps, I will attempt to find an Interwebs connection but if I fail…well, you can write very angry comments, I suppose. I would feel sufficiently bad as to not go on hiatus for at least a few months.
Packed this morning, every hour or so I suddenly realize I’d forgotten something potentially important (last item: a bathrobe, vital because the showers are down the hall and I don’t want to sashay on down there au naturelle.). I then have to smoosh it in my bag with everything else. Darg. It is not fun.
Packing my carry-on was considerably more user-friendly, I have my books (House of Leaves, Slaughterhouse-Five, A Clockwork Orange, This Book Does Not Exist) and my various writing materials. I keep adding more pens. I don’t need that many pens, my brain says, but somehow I think that along the way I will be in desperate need of a 0.1 mm tip black liner pen. And so in it goes.
I also am bringing my little square foldy speakers, even though I am pretty sure the people at Oxbridge told us not to. They don’t play too loudly, which is good.
OH ALSO on the music front, I downloaded a few things today/yesterday, all of which are awesome and all of which I dig. Kind of self-explanatory, actually. What I got: Daft Punk-One More Time (I may just have to get up and dance in the middle of my flight); Sister Crayon- (in) reverse, which is pretty darned great; Weed’s EP somethin’-or-other that is really, really fuzzy; Wave Pictures- Leave The Scene Behind, loud, catchy as hell.
Yay! I am especially psyched to actually meet all the peeps I’ve only talked to on Facebook. They seem like people I would like to be friends with. I think I may give some of them nicknames that involve ursine animals. I am getting more and more excited, despite having the xx playing in the background. Haha! I cancel out your mellowness with my utter joy and anticipation!

I am afraid of my own thoughts.
I want to see how this works out.

Also, my mom is becoming borderline homicidal due to not being able to pick seats on our transatlantic flight. It is kind of scary. She has a runny nose, and her eyes are red, and she’s been yelling at me all day and I suppose I can’t do anything to help her. Ugh, I will be glad when this period of undirected anger is over. My dad’s probably not going to be any better. Ah well.
I keep on getting called up to do random chores: “Do the dishes!” “Sweep!” “Do laundry!”(which is funny because I have no laundry, really.) “Phone your dad!” “Wash the car!” “Disembowel yourself!” And so on.
It is not a fun house to be in at the moment, I can say that.

Well: I’ll try and write tomorrow, but in lieu of that:
Have a great five weeks, be safe, use protection, stay cool.

Love and sparkles, Blare/brosandi.

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