la dernier verre

20 Jun

Somehow I always end up listening to either Beirut or Dungen on rainy days, and well I’m just finishing off my second playthrough of The Flying Club Cup after listening to Ta Det Lungt for at least a solid three hours.
Also, I can’t cook today. The batch of meringues? Burnt into a charcoaly gooey mess. The bread I tried to make in the bread machine? Didn’t mix properly, resulting in a rock-hard mass of flour and water. The omelette I made this morning? Couldn’t flip it properly, resulting in a rather ugly-looking blob that actually tasted marvellous (so I guess that kind of doesn’t count). The fucking GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICH I made for lunch? I burnt the bottom. It was edible, but still. What.
Well, now that I’ve got that off my chest, it has come to my attention that this blog is actually getting marginally popular- by which I mean I’m averaging approx. 20 views a day. Not that impressive when you compare it to Perez Hilton or Failblog, but this is a “let’s see what Blare did today” blog and well frankly I’m amazed that people (both people I know and don’t know) have been reading it at all. Yay readers! You verify my existence! That is just SWELL. You all are just swell! EVERYTHING IS SWELL.
I like the word “swell,” doncha know. I’m sad it fell out of style, because if I lived in a place/time where “swell” was a part of modern slang, I would go apeshit. I hope people say “swell” in heaven.

What I’ve been doing as it comes to preparing for Euro-awesome:
• Getting together the millions of stickers I’ve made, sorting out the bad ones, putting the good ones in an envelope which I went the extra nerdy step and reinforced with kraft paper and a handy blanket stitch;
•Stared at my closet and willed fashionable clothes to fly out and fold themselves neatly into a hamper;
•Thought about what backpack I would be able to keep a month’s worth of paper crap in (resolution: I am bringing a durable-ass folder);
•Wrote down places with cheapish food, courtesy my dearest Taschen book;
•Put together a toiletry bag and included gratuitous amounts of headache medicine, mainly because jetlag SUCKS;
•Attempted to get writing materials together, miserably failed;
•Got a small patent-leather alarm clock to make me go to class rather than burrowing further into my bed like a large and lumpy mole;
•Thought about eating French street-vendor gyros and had to subsequently eat something hot and flavorful…
You get the picture. As of right now, I’m approximately 35% packed, meaning I’ve got everything where I want it, and will be able to fly off within a few hours’ notice.

Okay, done writing, I’m getting tired despite not having done anything today, screw that I like to sleep and I’m making onigiri tomorrow dammit, provided we have enough sushi vinegar and if we don’t then bitches are gonna be slapped.
Why do we pronounce it “vin-eh-ger” and not “vine-gar”? That’s how it’s spelled…

Dang, goodnight.

One Response to “la dernier verre”

  1. Mike Boozer 06/22/2010 at 2:28 pm #

    haha, good post, keep up the good work.


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