american face dust

20 Jun

HO-LEE SHIT is it raining today. Woke up this morning to a). make an omelette for dear old Dad; and b). take the dog for a washroom walk, and look out there whoa it’s rainin’. That was at nine, now it’s about 2:30 and it’s still grey outside. I want to make grilled cheese sandwiches for everyone in the house, but as my dad is playing Fallout and my sister is watching So You Think You Can Dance, I’m almost positive there aren’t any takers. Making one for myself, though, in a little while.
So! What am I doing at the moment? I’m sprawled out on my bed, dog curled up by my shoulders, Black Moth Super Rainbow meandering its way out of my under-desk boombox. I was going to draw some more stickers, but since I went through them last night and realized I have over sixty of the things, I don’t really feel the need to make up any more. Probably going to anyway.
Happy Father’s Day, too. Mine is currently yelling at me from the kitchen to finish the dishes, so I suppose I’d better go do that.
Will write more, sons-of-guns.


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