everything must run its course

19 Jun


That is what the inside of my head looks like at the moment, capslock and all. I have been rendered comatose by anticipation, and it is WONDERFUL. For god’s sake, I’ve already packed and gotten everything together: at this moment, I am one cool frood. (I think.)

ANYHOO! My sister suddenly loves the XX, much to  my chagrin, and will not stop playing Crystallised. Okay. It’s a good song. But hearing it 12 times in as many minutes is not condusive to my attitude towards it. The rest of the CD is rather marvellous, I’ve probably already written this, I am very sorry and I will distribute apology mints.

Also, sort of kind of related to the above, my mother cannot remember the band My Morning Jacket. Ever. It gets rather problematic when I’m sitting in bed, doodlin’ away, and she walks in and asks:

“Where’s the “My Dinner Jacket”?”

Me: “What?”

Mom: “My Dinner Jacket.”

Me: “Uh, did you give it to me?”

Mom: “No, no, the CD! The- oh, what are they called-”

“Oh. My MORNING Jacket. It’s in the rack over there.”

“Thanks, sweetie.”

Five minutes later, of course, she comes back ‘cos she can’t figure out how to get the CD out of the friggin’ thing- I’ll forgive her for that because it was a 2-disc thing, she wanted the CD on the bottom, you have to pull the little plastic thingy that the CD on top  is stuck to out and then you can get at it. That explanation made no sense, I am sorry. I think I like commas too much. COMMAS FOR EVERYONE! PLEASE USE THEM CORRECTLY, UNLIKE THE PREVIOUS SENTENCES! THANK YOU AND HAVE A NICE DAY! Bzzzzzzzt.

As you can see, I seem to be having difficulty with my life-style.

I will probably be able to blog in Paris, but probably in huge installments. I hope this doesn’t get on anyone’s nerves. If it will, please comment as angrily as you please and I will attempt to…uh, well, I’ll attempt to ameliorate that somehow BUT I WILL MAKE IT SO you will not have to read through giant blocks of text every time you try to get to a post I’m done writing, going to have an aneurysm from frantically typing apologies. Actually, I should start wrting that as appy polly logies, mainly because it sounds quite magnificent and also because, of course, it is from A Clockwork Orange which I will try to get people to read over the next month and so. UM. Wow. That was quite a sentence, I’m done now.
Will write later. See y’aaaallll!


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