i find the world something new

17 Jun

Mkay mkay mkay. Today was pretty darned great, I got about 60% of the clothes I need for Europe out and nicely folded. Packing’ll begin on Saturday, according to my mom. Woo? Relative woo.
Anyway, currently lying amongst the wreckage of my closet tryin not to squish anything important, but I have a feeling I’m wrinkling some impossible-to-iron shirt. Just watched the Fuse Bonnaroo runthrough, they showed a bit from LCD Soundsystem (“Drunk Girls”) which I like a lot and will probably download at the earliest opportunity. Other than that, I was pretty disappointed with the bands showcased. No Black Keys! No XX! No Pheonix! I am bummed.
But really, what was I expecting from a mainstream music channel? Evidently more than Dave Matthews.

My mother and sister are watching that small child beauty pageant thing on TLC, I find it loathsome. Older-child beauty pageants? Still loathsome, but a little less so because the kid can actually form an opinion about it. The way the kids look, too, disgusts me. Fake tans, fake eyelashes, adulty makeup, huge shellac’d curls, wigs… Ugh. There are some things not meant to be corrupted, and one of them is a child’s sense of self.
Well I kind of hate all beauty pageants in general, but the younger they get usually the more hate exudes. If Miss America offered me a thousand bucks to go on up and be judged for my looks and my ability to speak coherently and model swimsuits (only the former is something even within my abilities), I’d spit in her madeup, powdery face. Okay, that’s taking it a bit far- I’d probably politely decline and then deliver some sort of filthy stinger, like “Take that to the fucking executives and tell them to shove it up their asses.” You get the point.
Kind of halfway towards being tired; I’ve been sleeping a lot more lately but somehow not really waking up any later. Strange, sleep patterns. Strange.

Will write tomorrow.

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