just out of spite

16 Jun

Hey there, y’all.
So. Started actually kind of packing for Europe today, most of my toiletries are sitting happily in a little bag waiting to be loaded in with the rest of my stuff. Tomorrow I’m going to get it all together and folded up nicely.
Six weeks! In Europe! Doing things! I am super excited to the MAX.
Though Nick Cave is currently growling about a certain Stagger Lee, which is watering my joy down and making me feel like I’m in a ’30’s film noir and some fedora’d man with his pants hoicked up to his underarms is requesting disgusting “favours” from me but will be shot by another fedora’d man with slightly lower pants standing right behind him with half a cigarette hanging out of the corner of his mouth. A bead of sweat runs down the first man’s temple as he asks again, louder; my eyes are on the man behind him, and as the first one begins to turn there is a shot and he crumples to the ground. Blood pools underneath his splayed body, running through the chinks in the grimy tiled floor, and-
The song ends.
Ah, I like making up little stories to songs: not so much their subject matter, but more of what the mood of the song is. The one I did a while ago (Run, oh-, shit, run) was pretty much the same sort of inspired fiction, though based off of the lyrics rather than the overhanging feel. It is a bit of a panicky song, however.
Downloaded some stuff from a technoey-electronic band, Magic Man: haven’t really listened to it yet, but I’m probably going to have a judgement by the time I come on home.
So, tomorrow: Writing out final list of books ‘n’ things; getting clothes together; seeing if I’m allowed to bring my square speakers; finding shoes; making lunch; fiddling around on my Tumblr; printing out some more tabs; trying to download that Wave Pictures song (Leave the Scene Behind); making playlists. And walking my dog and other miscellany.

Well! Ten days left, then a six-week hiatus. I’ll try to make up for it by blogging every day, but I don’t think that’ll satisfy my dear readers. I’ll attempt to blog as often as I can in Paris: Internet cafés, if they have any; other people’s laptops…etcetera. I will mooch the interwebs. Woo!

See you tomorrow.


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