go do

15 Jun

Lying in bed listening to Animal Collective wailing “My Girls” ever so slightly off-key. There’s a group of loud teenagers who I don’t know camboling outside my window, but frankly I don’t care nearly enough to stick my head out and identify them. Being excited about seeing other people? Meh.
Weel. What did I do today? I went on the radio station via my mom’s friend Charlene, who has a talk show dealing mainly with spirituality and things like quartz crystal energy and orbs and…yeah. Anyway, she asked me and this other girl to go on with her, I ended up talking about France and Sigur Rós but was at a loss as it came to hand gestures. I hate how I talk with hand gestures, if you can’t see me and I’m trying to describe something it makes the whole conversation about eight times more difficult to understand.
The people outside are really fucking loud. They might be soccer hooligans. I should get a hockey puck and knock them out with it. (Kidding.) Or maybe headbutt one of them, Zidane-style.
Well, that thing I was griping about that I said I wasn’t goig to talk about until I’d gotten it under control? Got it under control. I was only really confused and weirded out, as I’d never (okay, almost never, but circumstances were different and all) been in that kind of situation and had to figure out how to properly deal with it without messing up a few things. And it was easy and did not require much mental refitting. Woo!
Kind of counting down to Europe, if you see my Facebook thing it’s wrong, I’m leaving in 11 days and just don’t want to update my status and freak everyone out.
Not that everyone gives a flying fuck what my status is.
I suppose that’s all I’ve got for the moment, I’ll write more tomorrow once my brain gets going.

(also, plz YouTube this: One More Time To Pretend. If you like Daft Punk, yay! If you like MGMT, yay! If you like both, DOUBLE YAY. Do it.)


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