can i make it better with

13 Jun

Oh, welly welly well then.
Sorta kinda frustrated right now, more with myself than with anyone around me. I’m not going to write about it until I muddle some of my thoughts out of the stew that is my mind.
Used “muddle” wrong in that sentence. It actually means “to smoosh, i.e., muddling mint for mojitos” and I use it for things it was never intended to be used for and I am a beast at Rock Band drumming unless it’s that Beck song with the ridiculous kickdrum timing that I can’t get right because the rest of the drums are on the typical 2-4-2-4 setup and aaaaagh.
Going to check out some more stuff by The Wave Pictures, hopefully I can download some songs that aren’t of as terrible quality as the version of Leave The Scene Behind that I downloaded. To be fair, the site was kinda sketchy and I figured I’d get a better one before long.
So I will.
So it goes. (Though no one died, I still like that phrase. I’d use it a lot more often if it didn’t make me sound like a pretentious prick. Or dick. Or whatever offensive term floats your boat.)
Will writemorelater. Night.

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