and the world spins

6 Jun

So: Graduation.
It was quite lovely, if I do say so myself, besides Mr. Sinfield’s constant buggering of the english language. Seriously, the man needed to take a chill pill or something; he was stumbling over words, messing up nouns, substituting “he” for “she”, FORGETTING SEIFER, etc. Despite all of the above, it was pretty swell and I was super proud of tout le monde.
Didn’t cry until I’d hugged about three people, then suddenly I disengaged from hugging Caleb and BOOM tears. Where did they come from? Why did they choose that moment to pour out of my eyes? WHO KNOWS. I was pretty sniffly for a while after that, but I’m okay now, I suppose.
But I’m still pretty bummed that these gals ‘n’ guys are leaving us. I actually had good friends in this class, and to see them leave is… well, strange to say the least. I think it’d gotten to the point where I sort of took their being here for granted, almost permanent, and now they’re leaving and it seems almost wrong. I know, I know they need to leave, that it’s about time, but by God if it doesn’t drill a stake through my chest.
Man, gonna make myself cry again.
Though it was nice sitting and kind of absentmindedly reminiscing, thinking about the past and feeling neither wistful nor hateful towards it. I was neutral today. I didn’t care for once, for a few little moments, and it was both sobering and liberating.

I wish all the best to the class of 2010. May you…may you… Oh, just do great things and above all KEEP DREAMING. Okay? Okay.

Writing tomorrow.

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