4 Jun

Kay so
Tomorrow I have to take the SAT 2s, get chips, then schlep on down to Ry-bear’s house and prepare to paaartay. Woo? Woo!

But besides that, I really don’t have much of anything to write about. For one thing, France is within 3 weeks (SQUEE), and for another, Graduatuion is Sunday and I am steeling myself for the mass quantities of tears that will be shed. I will hug mostly everyone. (Yes, even you.) I will probably be all gross and splotchy from aformentioned tears, but fuck it I’m going to hug everyone anyway.
Gosh, I’d realized something and forgotten it, my condolences, it was something actually kind of important but I suppose you’ll have to wait a couple days for it.
Oh, today on my Stuff White People Like calendar the titular Stuff was The Funeral, by Arcade Fire. It was sobering to see it in printed form in front of me. I take it to mean that I’m pretty damn white. Har har.

Will attempt to write tomorrow, we’ll see how that goes.
(answer: NOT VERY WELL)


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