2 Jun

Oof, today was lovely. I stayed home (no exams, yay!) and putzed around all day with my dog. And cooked. I love cooking! My mom recently bought a Julia Child cookbook offa Amazon, and I have leafed through it looking for recipies about six times. Everything in there is delicious. I want to cook through the whole thing when I’m in university, and give it to my dormmates. Or floormates. Or buildingmates. Whatever.

Well; tomorrow is the definitive last day of school. I am not sure how to feel about this. I mean, I am estatic to be out of school, but at the same time I really liked this year (besides the stress, and the work, and the stress, and did I mention the stress? ‘Cos there was a lot of it) and am sad to see it go. Well, ‘s gotta happen. Graduation’s gotta happen as well, I will be sitting with Lil and Genna shedding copious amounts of proud/sad tears. Everyone will be given huge hugs. I am pretty sure some of the shorter people will temporarily contract 3rd Boob Disease, but I think they will be okay with that since I probably won’t see them again. Ever.
Baw. So sad! I suppose I must look on the bright side of it all: they’re going off to the rest of their lives. GO GO FIGHT DA POWAHHHH!

Will write tomorrow, once I recover from Caroline’s gettogether.

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