take a little journey

30 May

First of all, thanks to Lil for helping me with some personal demons and for letting me help you with some. (Or at least try to.) Also, flannel. (Lol.)
And secondly, I guess I am long overdue with saying that I am just a wee bit insecure. (Sarcasm.) I have avoided looking at that fact head-on for a good few months, but it is high time I try to fix that little quirk about myself. I judge myself mainly based on what the other
Whoa, cannot remember what I was going to write, ‘cos I heard Franz Ferdinand suddenly playing on the TV and ran out and danced. Um, um. I kind of remember what I was going to say, but since it was deep and intense I’ll wait until I remember everything to actually put it on here.
So: other deep things that I remember. Um. I tend to take little bits and pieces of people’s mannerisms and adapt them to my own. I do this ridiculously often, without really meaning to sometimes, and it freaks people out.
I can understand this.
To be fair, though, it is part of my nature, and when I latch onto a mannerism it really means that I like it and think that I should do it too. So I do. Not citing examples, but I have picked up traits from several people and freaked them the hell out (presumably.) So what do I aim to do about that? Stop it. I want to purge these little influences as soon as I can, but I don’t really know how other than to spend a long period of time away from that person. Hm.
Also: previous posts were written whilst feeling kind of jealous and panicky and after not leaving my room for a full day (bad idea), which is why they are filled with doom, gloom, and other delightful things. I am not usually like that. But gosh darn it, I freak out without contact with people.

Will write once my mind puts away a bunch of detrius.

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