two hearts in 3/4 time

29 May

Had a dream last night.
The setting was pretty much Left 4 Dead 2’s Atrium level, albeit without zombies and with normal people milling around. It was either in France or Puerto Rico. But.
[__] and [_____] and someone else (I didn’t know them) were visiting or something, and as soon as I saw them walking towards me I ran up and hugged them to within an inch of their life. Oddly, they didn’t react as they would’ve in real life: [__] hugged me back, hard, and planted a little kiss on my cheek (which I was not expecting). [_____] smiled brightly and hugged back. Which was nice.
Anyway. It turns out that there are some evil things around the mall, so I am stuck travelling with these folks and blowing the heads off of any evil things we see. Which we do. [__] and I talk about psychological stuff, about the meaning of life-
It was a cool dream, I’ll give my subconcious that. But. It also kind of worried me, after yesterday’s revelations and disappointments. (More on that later.)

Will write. My body is in pain right now from yesterday. I’m gonna try and sleep some more.

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