flight tonight

28 May

Three things that really made me happy happened today.
1. I got the Avalanches’ CD (and will consequently listen to it on repeat for about three weeks).
2. I realized I do not [_________] (or, never mind)
3. My sister won Orange and White day. Doesn’t really make me all that happy, but I needed three things ‘cos two
Is an ugly number.

And! And!
THIS CD IS SO FREAKING GOOOOD I AM PUTTING IT ON THE REC LISTENING PAGE AS SOON AS MUTHAFUCKINLY POSSIBLE. Okay? Okay. It is WONDERFUL, I’ll write more coherently about it later. I am burning it for people.

Speaking of which, thanks Lil for 1. Alerting me to my overpowering creepiness; and 2. Pinching my boob. Ow, but I def. deserved it, which is why I’m not all pouty at the moment.
Will write later, k?


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