we’re surprised to see

26 May

that our souls were made of gold.

I should not read House Of Leaves at school.
There are a few reasons why: I become easily frightened, I start rambling long sentences in my head, I start thinking absofuckinglutely terrifying thoughts (ALL DAY), I feel like Johnny Truant. All around, not a good idea.


Orange and White day is Friday, sure I have a math test tomorrow that will kick my ass around the curb, but goddammit I am going to kick it right back with all the force my big ‘ol feet can muster. I am one determined mofo at the moment. I had to do My Brother’s Table today, stormed into Mrs. Grace’s room with the biggest scowl y’ever seen, plunked my headphones down, left. I may or may not have given someone a death glare, I was too pissed off to remember. I wanted to break something, that’s for sure. (Namely, Mrs. Blankedy’s face.)

Also! Burnt a mix for a peep tonight, they will be given it at the earliest opportunity, it is pretty good if I do say so myself.
Not much else has happened for me to angst about, still puzzling over what exactly I am feeling in relation to people around me. Conclusions are still far away, but dammit I am cool with that, I don’t need to know we’re feeling higher and higher and higher-
Shit. Passion Pit lyrics, get out of my brain.
I’ve noticed that whenever I mention a snippet of a song lyric: for instance, the of Montreal “and you were always on the tip of my tongue” line from the first song on Skeletal Lamping: I suddenly have this urge to finish the line. In this case it’d be “And now that you happened, and it really really really came true, I feel like I ought to thank somebody, so thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”
Somehow I am tired, I do not understand why but hell, I’m going to bed ‘cos I don’t want to study anymore. Valid!
Will write tomo


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