frontier psychiatrist

24 May

Okay, so. I am super not-caring about pretty much everything right now, I mean besides the impending final exams and all that cal. And music. And France. Somehow my brain is managing to grasp every tidbit of that terrible, magnificent workload and is synthesizing it into something I can actually accomplish. I got things done today, I don’t know how.
Aaaaside from that, tomorrow will be interesting as the seniors will be taking exams all day. Meaning they won’t be in class. Which is kind of weird for Day 4, as I have a mainly-senior (except for Will!) class first period. Woo? I don’t know yet.
Been listening to two things recently: Dancer, an Animal Collective song whose live version tends to attack the intelligent parts of my brain and make them docile for the time being; and both Since I Left You and Frontier Psychologist by the Avalanches. I bought their CD yesterday off of Amazon, apparently it will be here in a few weeks. Exciting!
Cannot wait for Orange and White Day, I will have an absolute blast.


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